GroutPro gets it done, one tile at a time

Thinking about not returning to your job after Christmas?

Grout Pro2

A specialised training course

If you’re a new franchisee, this is the course for you. Fellow franchisees help deliver practical training and answer your questions so you can ramp up your business skills, gain practical training, and learn effective marketing strategies. Also, as newcomer, you’ll acquire invaluable access to support within the network.

According to Delena, “One of the comments on the most recent course was, ‘I can’t believe how comprehensive it is!’”

Complementing the course is an online forum, in which GroutPro franchisees get to, “share information and post jobs,” says Delena. “The new people will get on there and say, ‘I have this job.’ And the more experienced franchisees will offer helpful advice, by saying, ‘Okay, you should be doing this,’ or and ‘I’ would do this,’ or ‘I did this job last week, and this is what I came up against’.’”

Highly personalised interactions and sophisticated software are the basis of the allow for 24–7 coaching. “People say, ‘We’ re running our own business, but we have someone we can go to straight away and ask questions of.”

Types of franchisees

People from a wide variety of backgrounds are attracted to implementing the GroutPro system.

Delena explains, “from people who’ve renovated a house, to people who’ve come from a management background. [They] want to do something they feel really proud of. What I’m seeing lately is a whole heap of guys –they did a trade; did mines, but there was no job satisfaction.”

A double-sided drawcard of the GroutPro franchise system is that these guys are prompted to remembering how happy they were “on the tools” and “making a difference in somebody’s life”.

Demand for the service

Franchise territories are available in Australia’s capital cities,and the business is “getting bombarded with customers saying, ‘Can you do my tiles?’”

Lead generation isn’t slowing down, and next year, GroutPro will be adding 20 capital-city franchises to its stable in capital cities. “With GroutPro operators they can virtually choose where they want to work,” Delena says.