Go With Your Strengths ... and Enjoy Your Work More


Our strengths are what we are good at, and the good news is that nature has made us in such a way that we tend to enjoy what we are good at.

The reverse is also true. We tend not to enjoy those things we are not so good at. These are our weaknesses. 

One of the first steps towards freedom in business is to do more of what you are good at and less of what you are not so good at. It is good for your business and also makes sense from a personal perspective. We get to enjoy our days more. 

Here are four steps to help you make the most of your strengths:

1. Make a note of what you are good at and also what you like to do at work. These are likely to be similar.

2. Identify how you can make the most of these.

3. Now, make a note of those things you are not so good at and you do not enjoy so much.

4. Identify how you can do less of these things. If they are necessary for your business, perhaps consider having them done by someone else.

We have found that this exercise really works. If you want to do better in your business, take a few moments now to have a go at this. www.smartfranchise.com.au