Getting First in Line with First Class Capital

Low entry franchise fees, low ongoing costs and a booming funding needs market is positioning this finance brand ahead of the game.

On deliver finance March end-to-end solutions 1st this year, to working small First and Class capital medium Capital, and sized sales who businesses, announced three significant changes to their franchise model.

No capital contributions (once you become a franchise partner). No risk of loss of capital.Financial gains to franchise partners as if they did invest capital contributions of 20%.


Greg Prussia

National Franchise Recruitment Manager, Greg Prussia says this means franchise partners can just go out and sell. 

First Class Capital franchisees have no cost of goods and no staff, which minimises added worry for new partners. The changes have come off the back of extensive consultation with both the franchisor and feedback from existing franchisees. “The opportunity for our products is endless”, says Mr. Prussia. “We listened and eliminated the fact they (franchisees) have to worry about what they are contributing”.

Peaks and troughs

In the current cashflow landscape for SME businesses in Australia, being able to “go out and lend as much as you possibly can” means First Class Capital franchisees can “help iron the cashflow peaks and troughs every small business goes through. 

Every small business will go through this. Seasonal businesses, clothing retail outlets, every industry goes through this and we are here to cater for any industry whatsoever”. Credit reporting agency Dunn & Bradstreet state, 90%of small business failures are caused by poor cash flow. Not enough cash is coming in the door and too much is going out. Where getting paid on time and managing outgoings is critical for business success, Mr. Prussia explains their financial solutions are aimed towards SMEs.

“That sector is under-serviced by the big banks and SMEs have to jump through so many hoops to get financial assistance in their everyday, day-to-day cashflow solutions”. By offering unsecured cashflow solutions to SMEs, he says this makes First Class Capital “a very in demand business model”. He explains the business is best-suited to “high sales achievers, who can see opportunity. 

True sales professionals know how to fulfill client needs”. While finance industry knowledge is not needed, he says, “discovering needs and building relationships – this is what is going to sell. It is a franchise model that is incredibly inexpensive to get into for the rewards you get back. It’s not a 9-5, five days a week job. In your own business, you work as little or as much as you want. If you work smart, you gain the reward from that".