NAILING it when it comes rostering, payroll and bookkeeping

Staff under payment has inflicted reputational damage on multiple businesses, and it shows that getting it right is not only a moral issue, but an increasingly commercially sensitive one as well.

Anthony Pascoe of IWS Australia, a Software with a Service solution, gave us the rundown on how their product is delivering an all-in-one solution to the franchise sector.

At it's core

The core of what IWS do is rostering and payroll combining cloud-based workforce management technology integrated with a payroll outsourcing service. For the franchise sector specifically, they are able to add bookkeeping and dash boarding to that.

The business was started 10 years ago by Rob Dryden, Anthony's business partner, and Anthony has been with the business for 5 years. Borne out of a franchise operations background, Rob's experience in the difficulties faced in franchise networks is what inspired the IWS product offer.

So much more than a software solution

The solution to problems around rostering, payroll and bookkeeping are seen by Anthony as requiring more than just a software solution, with support also being crucial.

"That's why we're a software with a service company that is providing support at the franchisee level to ensure that there's consistency and great visibility and compliance across how people are getting paid."

A recent innovation is the IWS portal which pulls together all the elements of the IWS solution under one single access and visibility point. 

"That portal also gives us more modularity and flexibility to be able to play with other third-party systems that are out there and pull them all together into an all-in-one system."

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