Franchises sleigh Christmas food

Everyone wants beautifully decorated treats at Christmas! Here are some clever franchises offering delicious choices to help bring on the festive cheer…

Krispy Kreme 

Ok, Krispy Kreme is NOT a franchise in Australia, but it is elsewhere, so we made it count on that basis! 

And, it’s Christmas so why not:-)

The brand has released new doughnut flavours including the Snowy, Pudding, Reindeer and Christmas Tree.

“Each year, the Krispymas range gives people the opportunity to share and create joy-filled memories with their loved ones by gifting these dough-licious festive treats,” Olivia Sutherland, Marketing Director at Krispy Kreme Australia told in a statement.

“The team here at Krispy Kreme love getting in the spirit of Krispymas and sharing Kris-py Kringle’s holiday range.”

Kripsy Kreme Christmas Treats On Franchise Buyer

Snowy Donut - Dipped in white truffle with a sour strap scarf, filled with raspberry flavoured jam.

Pudding Donut - Filled with custard, dipped in choc and topped with a glace cherry and white chocolate leaf.

Reindeer Donut - Original Glazed doughnut dipped in caramel truffle, topped with choc-coated salted pretzels, with candy eyes and nose.

Tree Donut - Dipped in truffle, with a choc coated wafer trunk and white truffle drizzle.

Merry Krispy Mas On Franchise Buyer

Muffin Break

Christmas goodies are available at Muffin Breaks across the country.

Christmas Pudding - Christmas pudding is an old-time favourite recipe at Muffin Break. The traditional puddings are freshly baked and filled with a sweet fruit mix and are delicious when served with custard.

Muffin Break Christmas On Franchise Buyer

Mini Pudding - The Mini Pudding muffin is a smaller version of the large Christmas pudding and is adorned with a delicious cherry.

Turkey Stuffin’ Muffin - The Turkey Stuffin’ muffin is packed with turkey, cranberry and brie cheese. The savoury snack is perfect when warmed up and is like a traditional turkey Christmas lunch all in one bite sized muffin!

The Cheesecake Shop 

The Cheesecake Shop has a delicious range of Christmas themed cakes, cupcakes & brookies.

White Christmas - Made with the delicious cake of your choice, covered in perfectly smooth blue and white fondant and decorated with a tree, present, snowman and bow.

Cupcakes & Brookies - An array of flavours all sweetly decorated for Christmas.

Baskin Robbins

Christmas Wreath - A festive Christmas Wreath Ice Cream Cake.

The Merry Cherry Cheesecake - Cherry cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker pieces and a deliciously tart cherry ribbon.

Baskin Robbins Merry Cherry Cheesecake On Franchise Buyer

With so many great options available, these franchises really are doing their bit to take some of the stress out of providing Christmas treats.