The InXpress coaching and mentoring method for franchise success

It’s clear that people looking to invest in a franchise business have increasing expectations of support and guidance from their franchisor. 

On available evidence, shipping and logistics franchise, InXpress is demonstrating with creative action, just how far that support can go.

InXpress has developed a thorough approach to giving new franchise owners the best kick-start into their business possible.

We spoke with Jay, franchise owner, Milton, QLD and Carrick, his mentor in the business, to talk about the training, coaching and mentoring process. They were the first “guinea pigs” as carrick put it to run through the program.

What is clear is that InXpress has taken a multi-layered approach to providing the best foundation possible for success. The layers are broken into;

  1. Initial intensive training program,
  2. On-boarding program (across the first year)
  3. Mentoring program (intensive one-on-one with well-matched mentor)

This approach signals a departure from ‘old-school’ franchise training for new franchisees. Until quite recently across the board in the franchise sector, the ‘norm’ was that incoming franchisees would get initial training, on-site business take-over support (days), then handed over to the regional field managers for regular cycle visits. This was quite normal and accepted.

We believe that this InXpress approach (and versions of it) will become something of the ‘new normal’ - by necessity.