These ex-franchise owners saw the problem in managing EVERYTHING in their businesses, so they did something about it.

It is rare that a technology based service provider to the franchise sector has built their product primarily on the back of their experience as a multi-brand franchise owner across 40+ locations.

That’s the pedigree of IWSAustralia.

And we think this makes their technology-based service with support offer all the more compelling to the sector. We all know how much experience counts to make sure people really ‘get it’ when it comes to a multi-site management franchise model.

It started around 10 years when they were multi-brand franchise owners across NSW, with Gloria Jeans, Subway and Video Ezy stores, and the 40+ scattered locations were creating all sorts of administrative challenges in staffing and payroll. Challenges that required a lot of man hours to manage.

It used to take a team of 3 people 3 days to actually interpret all the different rules and regulations and penalty rates associated with the hours that our 500 odd employees had worked. It was quite a revelation for us to click a button and have all that done in 30 seconds.

In this video, Rob Dryden, CEO, and Anthony Pascoe, Executive Chair, briefly fill us in on the details of how they transitioned from franchisee to a franchise sector focused technology business...

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