Fibrenew is the Finish Customers Are Looking for.

A highly specialised technique of repairing, combined with rock-solidfranchisee support is a winning combination for prospective Australian growth.

Restoring a franchise lucrative leather, Fibrenew business plastic model First and established for vinyl Canadian has in become 1987, based it wasn’t until 1994, when Michael and Fran Wilson purchased the company that Fibrenew began its growth trail across Canada. Now, in 230+ locations across five countries, Fibrenew are an expert mobile service completing repairs in the aviation, automobile, marine, commercial and residential markets.

With home-based mobile franchise services rising in popularity in Australia, Fibrenew are on a national recruitment drive and looking for prospective franchise partners. Every new franchise partner goes to Calgary, Canada for two-weeks of hands on training, which follows with a mentorship program, expert field support and business coaching.

Fibrenew Vehicle

Demand is a driver for this service

As leather, plastic and vinyl is everywhere, damage through normal wear and tear or accidents is a significant driver of the demand for this service. Fibrenew technicians restore rips, fades, stains, cracks, scratches and holes on items in homes, vehicles, boats, planes, hospitals, gyms, restaurants ... you name it! The high demand for this niche service means there are many potential revenue streams for franchise partners.

Franchise Development Manager Grant Garraway says, “it is the kind of job where you may get a call from a used-car yard as the front driver seat has a tear in it. You fix it and get paid. Or, people calling up to say their grandkids have been bouncing up and down on the leather lounge suit, its got tears and they don’t want it to get worse. 

Also, many commercial calls come from furniture places as they have damaged stock. The cost and hassle of sending one back is high – so, you get all kinds of jobs”. Fibrenew are a very “well established and very good technically at what they do” Mr. Garraway says. “They have a proprietary product line, manufactured for them in-house and offer eco-friendly alternatives”.

The ideal owner / operator for Fibrenew:

  • Can not be colour blind
  • Enjoys working with their hands
  • Is confident with relationship & networking sales
  • Is physically fit as lifting furniture may be required

Territories are available throughout Australia and Mr.Garraway says while you need to do a “little bit of business development in the early days” the business provides marketing materials including: a personalised website with social media support, fully loaded iPad including Fibrenew app and custom business tools, print and email marketing support. “The advantage is, you have the time to build the business when you first start and then as you get busier, you’ll need it less”.