The fast-growing, discount store retailer - Silly Solly’s

“We know our customers and give them what they want at the price they want to pay.” say Silly Solly’s.

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Building a reputation

They have undeniably built a strong reputation among customers, in becoming what they describe as “Australia’s No. 1 Discounter” selling tens of thousands of products under one roof. Their ‘nothing over $5’ promise makes them unique, and in many ways bucking the trend across the country.

We get a sense of this first hand here at franchise buyer, as any information or content regarding the brand and their offer, be it the business or consumer products, always attracts strong interest and readership.

Silly Sollys On Franchise Buyer

In a time of extreme uncertainty for many retail stores, Silly Solly’s has excelled due to their insightfulness around customer behaviour through COVID-19 and the years ahead. The cautious consumer has become the norm and Silly Solly’s are responding insightfully. With a huge focus on essential everyday items, they have built an approach in their business based around reacting quickly to consumer demand, as according to the brand “Retail is the people's business, and retaining shoppers, and saving them money is our prime focus.” and are committed to ‘making shopping great again’.

'Nothing Over $5'

Interestingly, with consumers turning to online shopping to source the best price, and for convenience, Silly Solly’s welcomes the trend.

 As their spokesperson explains, “The nothing over $5 pricing model is attractive to customers already struggling with the increased costs of living. Our value is so high and prices so low, that our customers visit more often. We are one retailer obsessed with our customers. People are sick of the gloom and doom; they just want to save money and live better and (we) play a role in that simple and enjoyable shopping experience.”

Silly Sollys Retail Stacked Shelves On Franchise Buyer

Currently with 23 stores across the country, and license opportunities available across a number of states, Silly Solly’s have a plan to open 100 stores across Australia in the next few years, all built upon their model to “ Australians with great quality, service and low prices.” With the economic impact of COVID-19 still underway, they appear well-placed to lead the way in the discount retail landscape.