Engage and Grow is putting the heart back into business

Deloitte recently stated that engagement is the one key element every successful business needs but most businesses have terrible engagement levels. Thankfully, Engage and Grow knows how to bring the colour back into the minds of employees and organisations.

2016 11 28 1413

“We’re pioneering a new way to create to advance your systems, behaviour and culture. It’s not coaching and it’s not training; it’s a facilitation of change”, says Engage and Grow CEO and Founder, Richard Maloney. In just a year, the global coaching company has expanded from four coaches to 94, illustrating how valuable their Group Activation System is. The company is based in 15 countries, working across government, health and banking sectors as well as with tradesman and entrepreneurs.

Building leaders on-site

Unlike traditional employee and leadership training, “no pens and paper are required”, says Richard. “Traditional training is over. Peoples’ brains are full. They go to a one day workshop and retain that information for a couple of days afterwards then it’s gone”. That’s why Engage and Grow coaches attend a client’s site for one hour each week for 12 weeks to “build leaders in their own fish pond”. This approach has resulted in a 300 percent increase in engagement compared to the usual 10-15 percent.

“We take them on a journey and we get them to own their whole work environment in a way that’s empowering and creative. It’s a great model for millennials and older generations to connect and to expand”, explains Richard. According to Richard, every business has a heart and brain. “Your brain is your systems, programs and predicts. And your heart is your relationships, communications, culture and leadership. 

At its core we open up the hearts of a business by helping people to understand themselves and each other better”. The franchise is expanding quickly and is looking for experienced coaches who have a genuine desire for humankind. The online training only takes three hours to complete and from here coaches are able to participate in online webinars, gain ongoing program support, and even have the opportunity to receive a passive income from business referrals. “Everyone at the moment is either a coach or HR manager”, says Richard. “Our coaches are separating themselves from the rest of the pack because they are setting themselves up as an Engagement Employee Advisor. Our franchisees are raising the productivity and getting everyone activated and engaged”. 

If you’re interested in becoming an Engage and Grow coach join the waiting list and prepare for a life-changing career change in 2017.