Domino’s – Pizza Innovation Meets Human Connection

With Domino’s recently launching ‘DRU’ (Domino’s Robotic Unit), delivering pizzas is taking on a whole new twist.

This first-ever automated pizza delivery bot, is set to navigate the streets (or sidewalks perhaps!) and bring further innovations to the Domino’s brand. While meshing food technology with prototyping is a hot new trend, it’s the people within the Domino’s franchise that still bring the brand to life.

Franchise Recruitment and Advertising Co-ordinator for Australia & New Zealand, Julie Mitchell says, “rather than an investor who wants to passively invest and let the business manage itself, we need people who are going to roll up their sleeves and be hands on in the operational running of the store. We’re looking for people who reflect our mission, vision and values”.

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Franchise Buyer magazine spoke to Perth-based franchisee Cameron Smith to learn more about life inside Domino’s:

Why did you join Domino’s and how long has it been?

I joined Domino’s when I was at high school as a delivery driver and I’ve worked for both the corporate side of the business and owned my own store. After 18yrs in the business I still love going to work, and for me that makes me feel successful.

What do you believe is the main advantage of owning a store?

Flexibility as a franchisee is a great advantage. My wife and I have just had our first child and the flexibility to work around spending time with our newborn would be very hard in most jobs. Domino’s has so many different strategies for growing sales and for me, it’s like a tap that I control and I have yet to see another business like that.

What does an average day look like?

Everyday is different and I think that’s what helps keep it feeling fresh, especially after being in the business for so long. I have a great team which lets me spend more time out of the store focusing on building sales each week. I try to spend 3-4 hours visiting businesses, dropping menus to hotels, or other local store marketing ideas. I still love working the dinner rush and that’s where we serve 80% of our customers, so it’s very important!

When it comes to store selection we have all of our available stores online and easily searchable. Ideally, someone will choose a store because it’s close to where they reside or because they have a fond connection with it (e.g. They grew up there, lived there for a long time or have a strong family network in the area etc) – Julie Mitchell.

Most memorable experience operating the business?

Travelling to Las Vegas for the Domino’s 50yr anniversary and hearing the founder Tom Monaghan talk, also, receiving my first Rolex sales award as a 20-year-old.

What qualities are critical for success?

Competitiveness – in Domino’s we rank everything from sales, to who sells the most garlic breads, to who can get into the car and on the road in the shortest time. The successful franchises always want to be the best in each and every field.

Advice for 1st-time business owners?

Make sure you speak to as many people in the business as possible. Each person may have a different strength and tip that can help you in your journey.