Degani: A Franchise Opportunity for a Unique Individual

Fast-growing café brand Degani takes a fairly uncommon approach fortheir industry to building a sustainable business with their franchise partners, here they explain this approach in more detail.

2016 11 01 1209

The journey to becoming a Degani franchisee is like any long-term relationship: built on mutual respect and trust. This process takes time but it’s worth it as the results are a business that delivers or exceeds expectations. Not many franchises to such a flexible approach to work with you to create your dream business. Degani Marketing Manager, Clementine Scott details why they appreciate and look for shared values and individuality in business.

Your approach to franchising is built around‘flexible franchising’.

Can you explain this concept? At Degani we value uniqueness. We work hard to provide locally-tailored solutions for our franchisees with the aim to increase their profitability. We are not just a brand, we are a culture, a lifestyle and most importantly, a family. We’re here to walk our franchisees through systems, training and business modelling to help them achieve their goals. This is what we mean when we say flexible franchising.

Why do you think this concept has resonated so well with your Franchise Business Partners?

As the world of franchising is constantly growing, it’s becoming increasingly harder to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Degani focuses on creating uncontested market space as opposed to directly competing with similar brands. This point of difference resonates with our Franchise Business Partners who strive to adapt to new cultural and culinary trends.

Typically, how much say does a franchisee have overt heir menu, café design and suppliers?

While Degani has a proven core menu, we encourage our Partners to bring their own culture and experience to their menu. In terms of design, every Degani is tailor built because we understand the look and feel of a Degani are vital to stores success. Our Franchise Business Model has been engineered from our intimate industry knowledge. This has enabled us to compile simple, structured operational guidelines, which makes business decisions like finding suppliers easy. We have an autonomous relationship with our Partners and work with them to continually grow their business.

Where is Degani looking to grow and have apresence?

We have led the Melbourne café scene since 99’ and are now looking for Franchise Business Partners to lead our national expansion. Our key growth areas would be within NSW and QLD in particular.

Who is a Degani franchise best suited to? For example, is having a previous food business preferred?

Having previous hospitality experience is an advantage but it’s not a prerequisite. We find people who have a strong business acumen and attention to detail become successful Degani franchisees and those are the people who often really stand out to us.