CXpresso On a Roll with Their New Brand

An imminent need to modernise Croissant Express from its beginnings as a takeaway sandwich shop, has seen the business move from humble croissant brand to a unique grab-and-go offer to a contemporary bistro menu created in consultation with franchisees.

Steve Andrews Croissant Express

A collaborative venture

National Operations Manager, Steve Andrews says, “we are happy for them (franchisees) to assist in creating the menu and develop the brand. We have quarterly meetings with all our franchisees.” In these group sessions franchisees assist in “developing the next round of menu changes, product changes, and development in the future of the brand. While we are a franchise system, the actual end product is a collaborative venture between the franchisees and franchisor.”

Highly motivated and passionate foodies who love coffee, love customers and love providing great customer service are attracted to the changing menu style. According to Steven, “the brand suits people who want to ditch their day job and venture out doing their own thing. What they love to do is run their own business and do their own food with a low-set up cost”.

About the offer

The low-cost set up fee starts at $300K minimum (depending on the site) and is a one-off, “no hidden fees or charges and our model is less labour intensive when it comes to our menu and operations.” Steve explains that efficient “operating systems mean less labour cost and equipment; two pieces of equipment produces 90% of the products.”

New CXpresso franchisees undergo four weeks of training to learn the background of the brand and operations. For Steve, franchisee involvement, “in the future of the brand is critical, their voice is more important than our voice. They are on the ground and know what the customer is saying. Franchisees need to have a successful business in this market; they need to be involved.”