Croc's Playcentre franchise business video tour

Part of our 'Franchise Business Tour' series, we saw that Crocs' opened up a new play centre, so we wanted to show you what it is like inside.

Our preference is to have key leaders within any business to proudly show you around their concept locations. 

However, Brett Aldons, co-founder of Croc's Playcentres, could not join us due to being in lockdown in Melbourne at the time, so we offered to do it for him :-)

Co-branded with Muffin Break

A key aspect that jumps out at you as you enter the business, is the food offer. It has a built-in competitive advantage in the market with the agreement to co-brand a Muffin Break cafe into every centre.

This strong brand presence helps elevate the Crocs' proposition to the market in providing a highly recognisable food and coffee offer on-site. 

Large play areas

The significant space within the Underwood location means the centre has multiple play / entertainment options.

The expansive climbing and play areas take up roughly a good 1/3rd+ of the entire premises with age group defined level into zones for parents to direct their kids.

This centre had dual slides, one larger molded type, and another cushion pillow type for smaller kids.

Bordering on amusement park level

Super-impressive in the centre was both the pirate ship and the train on tracks. Both are significant enough in size for numerous kids and parents to ride on together (if appropriate).

These rides were akin to those found in amusements parks, albeit on a smaller scale obviously.

These two features are the first of their type at this point in the Croc's network to be featured.

We hope you enjoy the tour!

Thanks again for having us, and well done to the whole team at Croc's for getting Underwood up and running at a time when opening locations inter-state is not so easy!