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You have a passion for business, and you reckon you're pretty good at it. Maybe you’ve had occasional dreams about turning this passion into a business for yourself.

But, not many people become business coaches when you compare it to the common and obvious options of buying a cafe, home services or fast food franchises as an example.

Yet we’re all surrounded by people in business, who we also often see clearly performing below their potential.

It irks you when you transact with a business and you see just how many holes in their operation causing them to leave opportunity on the table.

Opportunities you know they could grab with a few effortless tweaks.

The lure of being a great coach

The lure of immense pride and satisfaction in helping people to be more successful in their business, and enjoying a lifestyle they dreamed of, is quite an enticing thought.

But, have you got what it takes?

Personally, I think a lot of people doubt if they have what it takes to be a great business coach.

“Am I good enough?” you’re quite likely thinking deep down.

We asked Rob Zammit, MD of FocalPoint Coaching, his thoughts on this very topic.

“I think many people find the idea of being a business and executive coach an attractive proposition, but not all of those people have the confidence in themselves to build a coaching practice.”

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What makes a great business coach?

Rob describes great business coaches as people who, “Have a passion for helping others achieve great things.”

“...typically, they have tasted success as a business owner, middle to senior executive, manager or professional sales person in a position of leadership and responsibility.”

Importantly, they’re also comfortable with the concept of “...being a good listener and that good questions can be more important than good answers.”

And what stops people from becoming a business coach in Rob’s experience “...(it) varies, but to be a business coach running your own individual practice takes a blend of confidence, entrepreneurship and capital. It's normally a blend of those three factors that inhibit (would-be coaches) from pursuing their passion.”

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If you’ve wondered about whether you are business coach material, you can try out this quick test to find out.

It has been developed by FocalPoint Coaching, a global leader, and will give you a comprehensive report built around 5 key categories to determine your suitability to be a business coach.

Who doesn’t like to learn things about themselves? Take the test HERE