Connecting more efficiently with franchisees and customers

Marketing automation, sales processes in following up and nurturing leads, customer and franchisee communication, and much more - it's all coming at you whether we like it or not!

We met Ammar Quettawala, Director of QTECX to understand a little more about their FRANQ management application that is offering a solution to this overwhelm of communication in and out of franchise networks.

The solution

The FRANQ system provides a management solution for franchise networks allowing them to communicate more effectively with customers and franchisees, with the ability to retain a record of the communications and the data that this generates. 

It all started after the business worked with a franchise system for a solution to a similar problem. That experience gave an insight into the market and the solutions required. 

It's all about data. Capturing all the data that comes from the massive amount of touch points and communication in modern day business between all stakeholders. Essentially, the data is very useful if collected and presented correctly, via an "...all in one kind of solution that we provide which allows basically franchisors to manage their business better."

Efficiency and productivity focus

The focus for the company is very much on efficiency and productivity for their clients through their system. In particular Ammar notes regarding many franchisors they have been working with "They are using tools which are quite old. And they're using lot of other applications as well. So in our solution, what we provide is all in one, which allows them to have from marketing, recruitment, operations, store opening..., compliance, business reviews, regularly, all templated."

"In addition to that, contracts management, invoicing, ticketing management. So this is all in one solution that is there. So we focus on franchisors to have more time, and less time on managing their network (so as to) create more human to human relationships, create more business."

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