Christmas franchises

If you really love Christmas, you may have wondered…do Christmas franchises exist?

While there aren’t many, they do exist and there’s even one here in Australia!


The Christmas Heirloom Company™ store is an opportunity for those who want a regular seasonal business and who have a passion for the beauty of Christmas.

Angela and Marcelo Buccella decided to open their own The Christmas Heirloom Company store after discovering the brand during their travels to New Zealand. They have opened the first The Christmas Heirloom Company store in Australia.

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“It reminded us of Christmas in New York and London,” Angela says.

“We’ve always wanted to bring that to Adelaide. We don’t have Christmas the same in Australia and also we thought it would be a nice hobby to run the store for three months of the year.”

Angela says the store’s most popular item is their trees.

“Each tree is themed differently which gives customers a lot of inspiration to try true new colour combinations and it gives them ideas on how to decorate their own tree,” Angela says.

“We have lots of trees and decorations but what we are best known for is the collectable pieces that we offer; for example, we can have a Santa on the sleigh with reindeers and parts that move and play music.

“They are limited edition pieces that are very unique that not everyone would have seen before.”

Credit: GLAMAdelaide Story

For more info go to:  The Christmas Heirloom Company

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United States

Everything Christmas 

Everything Christmas is an innovative Seasonal Christmas Store in the Eastern United States. The company is based on the Seasonal Christmas Store market in addition to differentiating itself as a true, authentic Christmas Store using discounted pricing to sell quality merchandise.

The brand pitches that for franchise partners, it may be ideal for people whose primary business is also seasonal and closed for the winter period.

For more info go to:  Everything Christmas

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United Kingdom

The Christmas Decorators

The Christmas Decorators provide commercial and residential property owners with a design and installation service of both indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, decorations and displays.

The business states that it has decorated over 2,000 homes across the UK over the last 10 years with its service, in addition to the commercial spaces it has been engaged for.

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For more info go to:  The Christmas Decorators

So, now you know that there are at least a handful of options out there for those uber-passionate Christmas people!