Cafe2U - A Brand In Action

Launched in Sydney 15 years ago, the Australian-owned company has grown to incorporate more than 250 franchises worldwide. 

Cafe2 U

A Sydney-based franchise partner, 26-yearold Harrison Kaissis, puts it down to brand recognition of Cafe2U “in regards to suppliers, customers, people know the name more now than when I started four years ago.” In the beginning, the Maroubra-based Mr. Kaissis used to chase work, but “that doesn’t happen anymore. I have to turn down work.”

The business

Strong marketing and the early adoption of social media strategies have seen Cafe2U gain wide recognition. “The Internet is pretty powerful. If you are thinking about a mobile coffee van, you are probably gong to come across Cafe2U,” says Kaissis. 

After purchasing the business as a 21-year-old and a “big learning curve to understand all aspects of the business,” Kaissis is definitely more suited to being on the road. “I love the outdoors and being able to go to different places every day.” 

Where majority of the franchisees start around 5:30 to 6:00 am and work until midday, Kaissis has picked up afternoon runs. “A lot of franchisees are getting onto that.” 

Job sites, businesses and even small catering for 2:00 pm corporate meetings mean he is now sent “big long messages with coffee orders.” 

General Manager John Stanton explains, “Many new customers are surprised and delighted with the calibre of barista and quality coffee that Cafe2U delivers.”


Through extensive face-to-face training, baristas are taught everything from the picking process of the beans to texturing milk for different coffee options. 

Their precision has been recognised by the business fraternity, with Cafe2U named on BRW’s fast franchise list from 2008 to 2012.

Focus on quality

After seeing competitors come and go, Mr. Stanton says Cafe2U is also focused on “quality vehicles, quality of staff ¼ not a cost-cutting approach. That is how we position ourselves in the market.” 

However, it is the simplistic model that makes it very attractive to franchise partners. “We work on low running costs, no commitments to rent, no dealing with landlords, no staff — maybe a part-time staff member.” With all these factors, “it is a pretty good formula to generate a profit and living it ongoing,” adds Stanton. “We have seen franchise partners who have gone through a 5-year term, and now they are going through a 10-year term.”