BUSINESS TIP: “Action Produces Results”

Only when you work really hard to get something done and put in your best effort would you achieve successful outcomes.

Peter Knight and Kate Groom of Smart Franchise explain why you need to take effective action to get good results for your business.  


Launching man into space is a massive undertaking, but thankfully, for most of us, business is not that complicated. In many cases, it is really quite straightforward to get something off the ground. You see it is action that produces results. However, it is all too easy to get caught up in planning and meetings and strategising and overanalysing rather than actually making things happen. It helps to recognise that business is not rocket science. 

Overthinking and trying to get things “perfect” can choke the life out of your initiatives and zap the energy from your people. It is a pity because one of the joys of being in business is getting things done without too much fuss. Look at the people who get in and give things a go — they are the ones who make things happen. Of course, you still need your checks and balances, but, if they are in place, it is time to take action and get things done.