Built to help franchise owners manage their cash

When Karen Kennedy was working in the franchising industry, she recognised a critical flaw in their business operations.

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It's one that any business owner would be familiar with - they wear too many hats. “I learned a lot of people who buy a franchise don’t necessarily have skills on the financial side - bookkeeping, cashflow…” It was this that inspired Karen to embark on her own business journey and so 10 years ago, Bookit was born.

Karen saw so many business owners trying to do everything and struggling to do it well. Not for a lack of trying, but for a lack of time and expertise. The business was built around becoming the answer to their problems, with a unique model that sees every client appointed a dedicated Account Manager that is more like an extension of their own business than a hired bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping is more than data entry

Believing that bookkeeping is so much more than simple data entry, Karen has focused on shaping the business with a difference in that their service goes beyond just good bookkeeping practice. They aim to ‘lift the burden’ of bookkeeping, freeing up business owners to do what they are good at… building their business -so they can spend weekends with their families!

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Franchise focused

Why the focus on franchising? Because with her extensive experience, she knows it inside out. “Debits and credits are the same, but every franchise has its own nuance, whether it be chartered accounts or reporting requirements.”. 

Working in Franchise Development and finance departments for franchisors prior to founding Bookit gave her a line of sight into franchise owner specific needs, especially the financial side of their business. And with franchising “...such a massive employer...there isn’t much out there to help with the (specific) financial side of it.”

Also, with Karen’s extensive experience comes some wise advice for any business owner, whether they are starting out or building their business. She says, “Take small steps. Know your strengths. Pick what you’re good at then partner with people to do the rest for you. Also, being a business owner is hard! Step back and congratulate yourself from time to time”.

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