Boost Juice Growing Global

“Love Life” is the philosophy of the Boost Juice brand, and a bumper 2015 has seen the iconic juice bar opened its 500th store in Novena, Singapore.

At the helm of Retail Zoo CEO, Scott Meneilly, the brand is laser focused on growth this year. Global franchise partners span through countries including South Africa, the UK, Estonia, and Chile and the Southeast Asian market (Boost is trading in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, and Cambodia).

While “huge opportunities” exist for Boost International, back on home turf, the brand has not really plateaued or started to slow. From a strong inception in Adelaide (the brand started in 2000), their fun and quirky aspects have kept them ahead of new competitors. With a lot of new juice bars cropping up in Australia, this is one market where being loud, different, and cheeky has paid dividends.

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Systems and processes

As one of the countries most loved brands, Meneilly said, “A lot of work was done in the early days of Boost to create strong systems and processes that could support national and international expansion, but it was the sheer speed of growth at that time, which gave the systems a trial by fire and tested every link in the chain.” A large part of their rapid expansion is also attributed to existing partners feeling confident in the brand, with over 40% of the Boost network owning more than one store.


Cross-branding opportunities exist for Retail Zoo franchise partners across the network, with Cibo and Salsa’s based on the same operating systems that made Boost so successful. Meneilly sited this as a crucial part of the national and global experience, “No matter wherein the world they encounter your brand, customers need to feel that sense of familiarity and comfort that comes from walking in the door when you get home”. He added, “That kind of consistency and brand integrity can only be delivered when you have really good systems in place across thnetwork”.

Consistency ensures that confidence remains high. The level of business intelligence provided means that store partners could drill down into specifics, i.e. sales per hour, wastage, and how many bananas have been used at a particular outlet. This transparency enables partners to login to the system, see what others are doing in the network, gain ideas, and share group power.

Having “healthy competition” fosters camaraderie. Meneilly explained, “This year, we expect to see even more store openings across our entire stable of brands. We’re forecasting about 80 new stores across the Boost, Salsa’s Fresh Mex, and Cibo Espresso networks, and we’ll be doing significant refurbishment works in existing stores as well.”