Becoming a part of Bedshed changed my life.

Cute dog. Cool truck. Thriving business. It’s all part of the mix for Tony.

Tony has his own cool Bedshed truck and an adorable french bulldog running around his store that sits on top of a custom built mattress throne. 

Who doesn’t love that?

He owns Bedshed, Aspley in QLD which was actually the first store to open in QLD a number of years ago.

He decided in his late 30's, "I had a real desire to get my own business."

The first thing he loved was the no-brainer name 'Bedshed', and also thinking that they were ahead of the game in their store presentation broadly.

This happiness and passion for the brand has carried all the way through this highly successful business owner.

"We were trading from day 1. The day we got the keys we were trading the next day (with mattresses even on the floor!).

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Tony’s motivation to get into business and the journey.

He was bored with what he was doing and was after a challenge, “...and obviously I wanted to make more money too.”

The journey has been a real learning curve with more ups than downs. “I’m financially in a lot better position, but I have worked really hard too. I work on and in the business all the time.”

An interesting story from a guy who has a clear methodology in his approach - and you CANNOT miss Bear the French Bulldog in his own little bed (that’s at about 4min 30 secs:-)

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