Baskin opens up on franchisee structured support

Baskin-Robbins responded to a story we published around a franchisee failure, by inviting us to their HQ to talk on how they structure franchise partner support.

In our experience, it is rare for a brand to go on record in this way, after a negative media story, and get on camera to say 'this is exactly what we do to support franchise partners.'

Most leave it to a press release type statement and say not much else after that.

When we did the original story on our take on the negative media Baskin-Robbins received, we did not approach them for any comment or input.

When he contacted me after the story, all that Ben Flintoff, the Baskin-Robbins General Manager, was keen to do, was explain how they practically support franchise partners, and their broad approach to franchising.

Note: We filmed this very shortly before covid-19 struck the market.

See the original story, Learning from this franchise failureHERE.

OR, watch the original video below;