Base Zero Are Taking Mobile Franchising to New Heights

From a coffee franchise to climbing, Base Zero Director Wade Morse is bringing his love of challenges to the urban environment. Getting to the top is now something he helps people – both kids and adults – achieve nearly everyday.

Boosting Zero franchise. do confidence every With week two in through outlets children in their both is something rock Brisbane climbing Base and Sydney (support office in QLD), their mission is for “… every Australian child to experience the thrill of rock climbing in a safe and encouraging environment.” Director Wade Morse, an avid rock climber himself says,“this stuff gives our team a buzz, that is what I look for in my day”.

Encouraging kids to participate in rock climbing is not only a thrill for the Base Zero mobile rock climbing team, but for the kids themselves. “They are a little bit hesitant at first,” Mr Morse explains. “Then, they see their friends do it and I say – you don’t have to go all the way up, just go a little bit and then back down, you’ll see how safe it is”. Once they cross the fear factor, he says the shift is powerful. “It’s what drives us to bring this activity to kids in Australia”.

Community Events

Not just for children, Base Zero are in demand at corporate and community events and team building days. Majority of their repeat business is from word of mouth and event organisers, with the likes of Google and Microsoft as clients.

Mr Morse says they have also been very strategic with their marketing approach and because it is a “fun, thrilling, jobs are lined up for the next three to six months for franchisees in Sydney. In 2016 Base Zero has over 400 repeat events on the calendar – testament to their proven concept and strong training (including maintenance) and e-learning for new recruits. 

This translates into enthusiasm to help both franchisees and clients push past their comfort zones. While scaling new heights is a core part of the business,  safety is a big focus and in eight years Mr Morse says,“we’ve never even had a scratched knee. There have been no injuries at all”. 

The equipment has been engineered and designed by a US company and cables are changed every year. “Each month we check and have steps in place to make sure safety is paramount.” A low entry cost of $115-$170K, provides flexibility and high earning potential within the Base Zero network. Franchisees are able to store the mobile rock face in their driveway where they can park their vehicle or at a caravan housing area. The wall can be left securely and they return home. “

The wall doesn’t need charging or noisy generators; it is a self-contained unit. It charges while you drive”.