B2B procurement portal for franchises to approved suppliers.

For many franchise systems, managing the supply chain is a massive task resulting in labor intensive, inefficient work in many cases. There are technology solutions out there to manage the problem.

Let's not forget, thousands of franchise owners are at the coal face making their daily stock orders, and many to multiple suppliers, there are better things to do with your time, and better ways to do things.

We came across John-G Snaith at the National Franchise Convention, and their solution is an eye-opener, and it's catching on.

What's a B2B procurement portal?

John-G explains, "We connect networks of people to approve suppliers in a way that suits the organisation. It's easy to use, gets brand compliance, consistency, saves people a lot of time...(and it) facilitates procurement initiatives."

Founded in 2008 in New Zealand, the business already has a number of major corporate clients across New Zealand and Australia, including government ministries, along with a number of clients in the franchise sector.

From many suppliers to a single point of contact

In world where focus is rightly on making it simpler and more efficient for end-user franchisees to run their businesses, clearly ordering supplies is a key part to operating their business. John-G goes further, "Supply chains are complicated and they're time consuming for ordering. So we've put in a single point of contact, which removes that time. It works well for franchisors. It works well for the franchisee, the end user, and it works well for suppliers."

The system gives visibility and compliance to each location site and, "...the software, which we've developed is world class and it's very effective."

The focus for the business and software now given they have "...proven (it) improves the supply chains of franchisors. We're now reaching out to (franchisors and asking) what are your challenges and how can our software meet (your) needs?"

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