A 'discounted add-on' - another way to increase sales

780X660 The Discounted Add On To Increase Sales

Another way to increase sales - a 'discounted add–on'.

This is different to a ‘value add’ item, or a complimentary item.

It is actually an increase to the original sale transaction, by offering a discounted additional item to go with the original purchase.

If one of the hardest things in business is to get a new customer, it’s essential to make the most of them when you've got them!

And even though I’m not generally in favour of discounting, if it’s an add-on sale, it’s really only the incremental cost of the item that we’re looking at.

Your hard costs are the same. Rent, wages, marketing, etc.

Your Cost of Sales is the incremental cost.

So, it’s just the cost of the item itself that you need to watch. Don’t discount below the cost of the item you’re adding on.

Other things to consider:

  • Be sure to keep track of the add-on’s you’ve sold, so you can assess the success of the promotion,
  • Discuss the promo idea with your suppliers, and see how they can help,
  • Consider putting a time limit on the special offer, rather than it being forever,
  • Let all of your customers / clients know about it.

The discounted add-on idea clearly works well in a retail environment, but with some thought can also apply to the service sector as well.

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