A different approach to a food & coffee franchise - Grab n Go'

The Croissant Express business model is not your traditional 'cafe' - far from it.

The business is very much focused on the concept of 'Grab n' Go' food and coffee. Started way back in 1987, the brand is "...an iconic CBD grab n' go lunch bar. We do very well for breakfast, coffee is one of our big points, and then we've got our lunch trade and our catering business."

Freshly made breads, baguettes and more, paired with a cup of coffee - perfect for every time poor person on the run.

"Someone can walk into our store and within 60 seconds (or so) they're walking out with fresh made food, freshly baked croissants, baguettes, anytime of the day, lunch, breakfast, snack, brunch - and it's 60 seconds service, that's what we try and aim for."

An interesting offer being so focused on the Grab n' Go concept. They know what they are, and they know what they are looking for in location and the type of business they want to put there.