A Day in The Life of a Chem-Dry Franchisee

Brisbane based Chem-Dry franchise partner Alex Griffiths, takes time out of his schedule (training for Ironman’s and dropping his two sons off to school!) to chat to us about how Chem-Dry provides him the freedom to be his own boss.

Why did you join Chem-Dry? 

The freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I have two boys in high-school who play sport and need to make sure I am there. I’m fully aware I only have 10 years or so to spend with them at school, family is very important. Also, Chem-Dry as opposed to other franchises is very cost
effective, it’s not as risky as other options. I had my own businesses before, one with 26 employees and another with six employees – I’ve been in Australia for nine years and knew I always wanted to be a business owner.


What do you believe are the main advantages of owning a Chem-Dry franchise?

In terms of me personally, the freedom to be your own boss and making key decisions. Ultimately you get what you put in, I put in long hours while the boys are at school and do commercial work late at night. Plus, you are constantly meeting and interacting with different customers.

What does an average day look like?

I am up at 4am most mornings to ride or run, training for triathlons. I drop the boys off at school, then my first job is between 8-9am. I do three-four jobs a day, depending on the size. It can range from two real estate properties and a commercial property. I do a lot of networking; I schedule in time to meet up with a customer or potential new customer –try to fit it in during the day. Depending what is on at school – my son has soccer training – I then do a job at night. It’s all about getting a balance between family, work, and sports / pastimes.

Definitely do your due diligence. Work out your business plan and know what you are getting into. Understand why you are doing it – why exactly are you going into business? You need to have a good understanding, and know exactly what you are in for in terms of money and cashflow for the first few months, six months, then a few years forward of that.

Your most memorable experience operating the business?

Seeing it grow, as I started the business from absolutely nothing– zero customers. I built that customer base, and have seen repeat business come through, which is very important.

What qualities or attributes do you believe are critical for success for anyone considering a Chem-Dry franchise?

The most important thing is networking, you have to get out there and network. If you give something to somebody, you will get something back in return. 

Also, measuring the business. 

  • You must have systems in place, procedures to make sure you measure everything, profit and loss, break even.
  • With each customer that phones me, I ask, “how did you find me?” i.e. Google, local newspaper …
  • You need to keep track of marketing money spent on advertising.