Keen to grow your franchise network?

We can help.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We’re not focused on just more advertising dollars from more clients. In fact, depending on what you’ve seen of our marketing for brands, all the extra effort we go to is at no extra cost.

Obviously, we also want to grow franchise buyer, but that measure is not about more $ sales to more brands - in fact far from it.

Our focus is on subscriber value, content, market presence and influence - and that attitude truly sets us apart from the rest.

And, given that we’re in this together, it’s exactly the attitude you want from us. You want us manic about adding value to and growing our subscriber base.

As with a highly engaged, growing subscriber base of better quality prospects, you have a much better chance of getting connected to the people right for your franchise.

So, with all that said, how does it work?

It’s no longer a matter of ‘just create a brand profile and some listings on a website and away we go’ - that just doesn’t work anymore.

ALL sends are EXCLUSIVE - your brand only. So, on the day we send you, you get to shine, as we don't send that many EDMs really.

In a content marketing driven world, we’re about creating content that informs, inspires and entertains the market. If you get on that journey with us, people will engage with you about investing in your network through the multiple CAMPAIGNS we present you in.

Our CAMPAIGNS are aimed at our own buyer subscriber base and beyond. We boost your content and messaging at OUR cost in social and pay-per-click platforms managed by us.

All you need to do is be open to new ideas and collaborate with us!

What do exclusive, targeted database sends cost?

One (1) 'CAMPAIGN' is one exclusive state send (plus any social boosting we do as well).

Franchise Buyer Campaigns Pricing June 19

Why brands work with us.

  1. Long History of Success - we've got a long history as a leader with our email database lead generation and broad marketing for franchise recruitment that we can tie in.
  2. You choose when you want / need leads - knowing you have dates locked in to send opportunity seeker content and messaging in an EDM call-to-action format, which we're also boosting in social at our cost, fits like a glove into your own recruitment marketing planning,
  3. Fixed cost and certainty for you - you have a fixed date and price deal for your lead generation CAMPAIGNS with us. Even better, if it's working really well for you, you can add more on,
  4. Cherry pick where you want to grow - you can zero in, AND carefully control your spend and timing on the states where you want to grow, or you can target NATIONAL if you wish,
  5. Leverage our targeted buyer database - we've methodically built and nurtured a targeted database of franchise seeking prospects for years. Tapping into that by exclusively presenting your opportunity message is the perfect adjunct to your own social and database marketing.
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But, what do our numbers look like?

We're so open with our data because we're confident in what 

and how we do it.

Active Buyer Database Statistics as at 25 June 2019

National 13,843
Victoria2,144 prospects
New South Wales3,277 prospects
Queensland3,893 prospects
Western Australia2,505 prospects
South Australia773 prospects
NT / ACT / TASSmaller - Ask for details

Database email open and click through rates.

Email Open Rate Avg18.23%
Email Open Rate as High As45.71%
Click Through Rate (CTR) Avg3.05%
Click Through Rate as High As9.09%

What people say about working with us