Find a problem in the market and provide the solution

As an experienced ex-franchise owner himself, Darren Leaney, National Franchise Manager at N-Hance, quite possibly knows more than most about business and franchising.

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“What I know about both, is what excites me so much about N-Hance”. In Australia, the N-Hance system delivers both flooring and cabinet refinishing solutions. It utilises a number of attributes that have so far seen the USA system grow to over 500 locations throughout the country. “It’s the way we do our refinishing that is at the heart of our business and gives us our competitive advantage.

Our proprietary LightSpeed technology system uses UV lighting to dry and cure flooring in a fraction of the time of anyone else. “Our entire offer to the market is firmly built around over-coming the common objections from customers that stops them getting the kitchen or flooring re-done;

  • We refinish rather than replace – saves money,
  • We’re dry and ready for use within hours, not 4 – 5 days – saves inconvenience

For the most part, kitchen cabinets are generally in pretty good condition. So, simply a professional refinishing process can make them as good as new again. This is the market, and how we meet it.”

According to Darren, the domestic kitchen market opportunity is significant, but the market for floor refinishing extends even further by pushing into commercial opportunities. These include; home, theatres, restaurants, pubs, clubs, basketball courts, churches – well beyond the home market.

With a detailed training and support program in place to welcome aboard, and develop new business owners, N-Hance is ready to build similar momentum in the Australian market.

“Over many years in business it’s very clear who are the most successful. It’s people who are strong relationship builders, that believe in their own ability, and that are focused on delivering a high quality product and service to their customers. The rest, we can teach you!”